CCTV Security

High level CCTV cameras at 1Site Security:

The cameras that we will install in your houses and in your offices will be latest in technology. No one can hack them without your permission. Plus, the resolution, image quality and other things of our cameras will be best from the rest of companies.

Therefore, our company, the 1Site Security, is leading security company in London. We are focusing to expand our business in all parts of the world. But, to be precise, we are just focusing on the London areas first. If you are interested to check the features of our CCTV security cameras, then you have to go through the whole content.

  • The CCTV cameras that we will install in your offices and homes will be HD analog. Yes, they are the most modern one in the international market. The HD analog will take an eye on each corner of the adjusted frame.
  • You can identify people with the help of high resolution cameras. There will be ease in identification process due to great aperture size. Therefore, they are the best type of CCTV cameras in the world. We are also using these for our valuable customers.
  • The wide dynamic range of our CCTV camera will be helpful for the long ranges. The long range will minimize the number of cameras. So, if you want less cameras in your workplaces or in homes, then you have to hire our services for the best type of results. We will save your precious money.
  • You can get the complete view of cameras on your smartphones if you are connected through Ethernet. On the other hand, you can also watch everything with the help of an internet connection. In short, if I could say that they are the best one for increasing the success rate of your business, then it will be right.
  • You can protect your cameras with the help of temper protection settings. Plus, there will be temper detection button that will protect each temper occurred in the pictures and videos. For the protection of your homes and offices, they are the best choice of modern world.

Why 1Site Security for CCTV camera security?

As we are using latest technology CCTV cameras for your protection, therefore, we will help you in every matter. We are serving our customers from many past years. If you are living in London and want to install CCTV cameras at your desired places, then don’t be late to place your order. You will be glad to know that we are offering each security services at the least rates. That’s why, people are preferring our CCTV security services.